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Wild Yam Cream
"This wild yam cream has greatly helped me with my menopause symptoms! I was having muscle aches, severe irritability, and stomach bloating...It's completely gone! Love it!"

tinalyssa1, New Jersey

Wild Yam Hormone Cream

Discover the natural solution to hormone balance and well-being with our Wild Yam Hormone Cream. Crafted from the finest wild yam extract, this cream is designed to naturally alleviate symptoms of menopause and PMS, while supporting radiant, hydrated skin. Its powerful blend of plant-based phytoestrogens aids in maintaining bone health and enhancing cardiovascular function, offering a holistic approach to your hormonal health. Experience the benefits of Wild Yam Cream and learn about a safe and non-toxic alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy, free from the harsh side effects of synthetic hormones. Elevate your wellness routine and empower your body with the nurturing support it deserves. If your are on hormonal birth control or hormone replacement therapy DO NOT USE. If you have cancer please consult with physician before use.  If your experiencing menopause or have no menstrual cycle it is recommended to use for 3 weeks and then take 1 week off.

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