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Introducing our Organic Wild Yam Hormonal Balancing Rollerball, specially designed to help balance your hormones naturally. Infused with the healing power of wild yam, chaste tree berries, and red clover, this rollerball is perfect for women and men who are looking to maintain their hormonal balance.


Our blend of herbs are then infused into our organic Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Vitamin E oil.  This combination works together to create a nourishing emollient that easily absorbs into your skin. The light scent of lemon essential oil enhances the overall experience and provides a refreshing aroma.


Our rollerball is made with organic ingredients that are known for their hormonal balancing properties. Wild yam has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to help regulate hormone levels, while chaste tree berries have been used as a natural remedy for PMS symptoms.


Directions: Women apply twice a day, rotating application points. You may apply it to the face, neck, wrist, inner arms, belly, inner legs. We recommend switching spots as you go. This is safe for teenagers as long as they have gotten their cycle. Women take one week off, the week of their cycle. If you no longer have a cycle, you may choose first or last week of month to take off. For men, use once per day, with no week off. 


This is a natural remedy, it does not contain any hormones. However, the wild yam does contain diosgenin which encourages the body to produce its own progesterone. The progesterone then works to help balance all the hormones. This product may help with women who have irregular cycles, pre menopausal, post menopausal, as well as men looking to balance their hormones. Please note, it is recommended to be consistent with this and continue for up to a year, before the hormones are able to stay balanced on their own. Though some see very fast results, sometimes within a couple of days, some do take up to two months to see the changes. Please only purchase if willing to commit to regular use and also know we are all different. We have found around 90 percent of customers have found relief, while ten percent do not report desired changes. It is also important to note to not take with birth control or hormone replacement therapy. 


We do also offer the Wild Yam Cream, but this is a less expensive alternative that works the exact same. It is also great for taking with you on the go! Also a great option for those who fear their cream might melt in super hot temps!


Say goodbye to synthetic hormones and try our Organic Wild Yam Hormonal Balancing Rollerball today!

Organic Wild Yam Rollerball

$20.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
  • To use: Apply to thin skinned area, twice per day, rotating the application points each time you use. Use 3 weeks a month, then take the week of cycle off. If no longer having a cycle, then use for 3 weeks and take the next week off. For men, apply once per day, no breaks. 

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