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Black cumin seed oil naturally contains a full spectrum of bioactive phytochemicals including thymoquinone,P-cymene, and beta-sitosterol which have been studied foR their role in healthy inflammatory pathways and support of general health. We extract black seed oil naturally, without heat or chemicals. Seeds are cleaned, crushed, and pressed to yield unrefined oil with a rich nutritional profile.

Black Seed and its oil have been used for centuries in the treatment of various diseases worldwide. It is an important plant in traditional fields of medicine known as Unani and Ayurveda.

Raw black seed, in its full form, aids in the body’s natural healing process, in overcoming disease or maintaining health. It acts on those parts of the body that are considered to be affected by the disease without disturbing the natural balance.

The effect of the combined nutritional and medicinal value of Black Seed is that it not only helps to alleviate the current condition, but also helps the body to build further resistance against future diseases (acquired immunity).

Black seed oil contains thymoquinone, which may support weight management, improve certain skin conditions, and help with wound healing, among other benefits.

It may be used topically or internally. WE SUGFEST A HALF TEASPOON DOSE TWICE A DAY. The taste is not great, but not so bad if you add some honey to your spoon.

Organic Black Seed Oil

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